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Al di là dell'aldilà
a video project was born out of necessity. Corona rules the world...

Al di là dell'aldilà
is a video project that brings together artists from the genres of dance, music and visual arts.
The starting point was the dance of Fine Kwiatkowski. All participants improvise to or with the dance video. The visual artists take the dance with them and lead through their work...

Whoever is on this page can put together his/her personal performance by selecting individual videos. We are aware that this kind of connection cannot be a substitute for live performances, but it can also be very satisfying. We were very touched by the participation of the artists and would like to thank them very much.

Al di là dell'aldilà is constantly being expanded, so it's worth stopping by now and then.

Fine Kwiatkowski and Willehad Grafenhorst (cri du coeur) - Easter Sunday 2020


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Anyone who is able to do so can donate to Ärzte ohne Grenzen / medecins sans frontieres for this work.

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